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What is Social Media & Why should YOU care?

Social Media (to us) is any online medium that you can connect and engage with your customers to enrich their experience with your company. Social Media is a place for nurturing and building relationships with your customers, cultivate your company culture, and provide real-time feedback and support.

Social Media Focuses on Building Relationships

Successful businesses are built on a solid foundation of meaningful relationships. Customers value great service, honesty, and transparency more than ever before. With the power of Social Media, businesses are now able to thank, accept feedback and engage with their customers.

It's Where Your Customers Are

Social Networks give consumers and businesses alike a voice to be heard and a stage for their opinions and feedback to matter. There will soon be more Gen Y customers in the marketplace than any other age group - all of which have grown up on smartphones, tablets, Facebook and Foursquare. They're also growing to expect that businesses adapt to their methods of communication.

How Does Social Media Work?

It starts with a single message, whether it's a tweet, an update or a post. A follower likes what you have to say and they retweet or share it, and it's now broadcasted to all of their followers. One of those followers, trusting the advice and input from this person who may be a friend or a co-worker, shares that same update with their audience. Before you know it, the message that started with you is now out and about to thousands of users who are all potential customers, all with a click of a button.

"Just Facebook and Twitter, right?"

It starts there and spans out to other networks including YouTube, Foursquare and Pinterest just to name a few. Every business looks to target and appeal to a different audience and from that, need to tap into the right social networks.

Which Ones Exactly? That's Where We Come In.

Current Social Media Network Stats
A Business that makes nothing but money is a poor business - Henry Ford

We Help Create, Grow and Maintain Online Relationships With Your Clients.

We know and understand the importance of building relationships with your customers instead of broadcasting a marketing message. So many businesses get Social Media wrong and think that the potential is in blasting marketing messages to your customers, but the reality is that the power is in building sustainable relationships and truly caring about your customers and the quality of product/service you're selling.

The 10 word-quote on the left by Henry Ford is all you need to know about building a successful business.

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