Social Media Training

We Can Teach You to Crawl Before You Can Walk.

With Social Media being relatively new and fast paced, we have several different training options for your company and it’s employees to utilize and can effectively teach all experience levels, from just beginning all the way up through advanced.

Preparing Your Traveling Sales Staff

Having a sales team or brand ambassador in the field requires them to know how to best utilize social media to connect with your target audience while on the go. We’ll make sure they are synced up with the right tools and have the right mindset to create social proof and build relationships with potential customers while at trade shows or attending meetings.

Establish a Company-Wide Social Media Policy

Once you’ve decided on a company-wide plan for your employees to start participating in, it’s important to know everyone’s on the same page and is familiar with social media best practices. We’ll make sure everyone’s caught up to speed and completely comfortable with their responsibilities and roles within the plan.

What you can expect from a Tweetsicles Training:

Overviews of sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Creation of Accounts
Appropriate Composition of Tweets / Updates
Social Media Etiquette
What To Look For
Case Studies Within Your Industry
Q & A Sessions to Answer Any Specific Needs You May Have
and more!

Interested in Getting Your Employees and Company Up To Speed With Social Media?

Contact us and we’ll help establish your needs along with an effective approach to making your business more social.

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