We’re not ones to toot our own horns. We think we do some pretty darn good work, but to the outside world, that may seem a little bias. So don’t take our word for it; here’s what some of the people we’ve had the pleasure of working with have to say:

"Andrew has been instrumental in our Social Media efforts, especially in our greeting card division. He provides knowledge and experience we rely on, and is proactive in his efforts to help us remain consistent and fresh in our Social Media activities."

Lori Pollatz, Independent Printing

"Since working with Kris and the team from Tweetsicles, we've been able to expand our knowledge and better our understanding of what exactly the social media realm has to offer. Kris is the type of guy you want on your side, always eager to stop by and see how your business is doing and how he can help. Working with them on Trep Trip was a complete pleasure; they knew exactly which companies and organizations to seek and how to get them to commit to our tour. We look forward to working with them on future projects."

Brad Kossow, Evolve Concepts, Inc.

"9Round has found Tweetsicles to be an integral part of our marketing efforts. Their ability to increase flow to various social media sites has been invaluable to all of our locations, driving members and additional franchise interest. Kris and his partners were able to increase our presence on Facebook, make us relevant on Twitter, and integrate us on YouTube, creating a total social media package that drives excitement to our members, and makes their friends and acquaintances inquisitive of our services. They were also able to advise us on our SEO techniques, resulting in more effective web searches for our business. I would highly recommend Tweetsicles."

Paul Ryan, 9Round Wisconsin